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Our 4 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Design

March 9th, 2021 by Alex Kinsella

When it comes to daily computer usage, the majority of time clicking away is spent using a web browser. Whether it’s Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox - the browser is one of the most used applications today.

With over 60% of the global market share, Google Chrome is the dominant browser across PCs and Macs. Beyond its speed and performance, Chrome has the advantage of having a giant library of extensions that expand what the browser can do.

Everyone seems to have their favourites, so our design team decided to put together a list of our must-be-installed Google Chrome plugins. Here’s the official BitBakery Design Stack of Google Chrome Plugins.


When we’re working on mockups for a client, we often need to play around with fonts for web apps. Inspiration can be found across the internet, but figuring out what fonts are being used can be a hassle. Enter WhatFont - a Google Chrome extension for identifying fonts on almost any website. 

Discovering the name of a font is simple as clicking the WhatFont icon in your browser and then hovering over text on a website. 

SVG Export

Having a SVG (scalable vector graphic) version of a logo is important – especially when you need to resize the logo for a web site or mobile app. That SVG version of a logo isn’t always available in a brand package, and that’s when SVG Export comes in handy.

SVG Export allows you to download and save SVG images from a website quickly. You can save all available images, or just the ones you need. 

Up Next

Put those new blank tabs to use with Up Next. Up Next connects to your calendar and shows you your upcoming meetings. You can even click on the meetings to launch into event details, connect to a Google Hangout or Zoom, and more. 


Our final entry is one of our most used Chrome extensions – Vidyard. You may know Vidyard as one of the best B2B SasS marketing tools out there, but did you know their Chrome extension is awesome for customer service, internal communications, and giving demos to clients?

The Vidyard Chrome extension lets you record your screen and share with clients or your own team. You can include just your screen or add a small overlay of your webcam too. We use the Vidyard Chrome extension to share project progress with clients and it’s great for our QA team when they share step by step instructions with our testing team to debug issues.

Do you have a favourite Chrome extension? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #BitBakeryStacks.

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