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Welcome to our newest BitBaker - Peter Kingsbury

October 1st, 2021 by Rachel Hickey

We’re excited to welcome our newest BitBaker, Peter Kingsbury, to the team. Peter is an experienced web designer and developer who joined us as a Senior Software Developer and Engineer. Before BitBakery, Peter worked at Green Brick Labs (a literal stone’s throw away from BitBakery) and Agfa Healthcare. 

“Peter is an experienced software professional with a thorough understanding of the entire software development cycle. In particular, Peter’s experience as a Solutions Architect will add a lot of value and efficiency to our business partners’ development operations,” said Wes Worsfold, CEO of BitBakery.

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Peter to see how the first few months have been for him as part of the team.

Before moving to the region, Peter had studied computer programming at Algonquin College and was working in an IT support role when the crash of 2008 happened. 

From technical support to software developer

In 2008, after the economic downturn, the Ontario government sent many people back to school to give people a second chance at their careers. The company I was working for was closing, so I took advantage of the opportunity to learn something new — this led me into the world of web design, development, and more.

When entering into this new role at BitBakery, I was looking for a change and was excited about working for a small company. After my interview with Wes, I knew BitBakery would be a good fit for me. BitBakery checked all the boxes.

What is the biggest strength you’re excited to bring to the team?

What sets me apart is that I bring a combined experience of a wide variety that leans on software development and operations management. On the development side, I know a lot of languages, database software, and design techniques. Mix this with a potent blend of management skills, and you could call me something like a full-cycle developer – I can provide not just design but the whole production.” 

What gets you out of bed in the morning excited for work?

Over the years, I’ve learned that I am energized by solving complex problems. I’ve had nights where I go to bed thinking about an issue and wake up with a solution – that’s pretty exciting. I also discovered that it’s essential for me to work on something I’m passionate about outside of work. I find that when I’m emotionally invested in something, I learn much better. Then I can use what I know and apply it to projects on the job.

What do you like most about working at BitBakery?

For me, it’s the balance I get between having a lot of autonomy to work on projects that interest me and getting a lot of closeness and collaborativeness with the team as a whole. At this point in my career, I work very well when I have that autonomy, and I value that a lot, but I also value the small team feel, knowing that I can connect with people on any issues I may be facing as well as on a personal level as a team.

When you’re not at work, what are you doing?

When I’m not working, you can find me working on my side projects in game development or spending time with family. We love to go camping, or hiking on local trails like the Walter Bean trail or the Turkey Trail, as we come to call it, or catching a show at Maxwell’s. There’s always something to do!

Peter is currently working on a creative project with indie game development and has participated in events like the 7DRL challenge, where he created a complete roguelike game in seven days! Check out Peter’s 2021 submission to the 7DRL challenge - Rusty Robot.

We love welcoming new talent to the BitBakery team and are excited to have Peter on board!

Want to learn more about working at BitBakery? Check out our BitBakery Blog or follow us on Instagram @bitbakery for more!

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